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Liner Notes: 

It's kind of difficult to have a jam session when it's just you, but this is what I came up with. Drum track, funky bass on the GR55, then one track of guitar. Flubs and all, so you can hear what I *really* sound like Biggrin

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Warts? You have warts? I hear there is a wart remover... cuz you can't be talking about this here song. A 50/90 song that sounds this good and you're complaining about warts? I guess you have a healthy fear of witches, then? Cuz seriously, I enjoyed listening to this quite a bit.

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You know how to play bass with the GR55 - nice jam

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Great stuff!

Love the bass on here, great drums, and fabulous guitar work that’s got some beautiful melody lines throughout.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this, warts and all. I especially love that bass playing and that full sound!