In a Given Moment

In a Given Moment

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Liner Notes: 

I'm not sure it doesn't still need some tweaking, but I'm way over the allotted hour already. And it's past my bedtime.

I was very sleepy when this skirmish began, so I had more difficulty than usual parsing both the prompt itself and the source material. I read Jung's foreword to the I Ching for about twenty minutes, and then I gave up. It's pretty cool though.


There's a whole reality that can never be repeated
Once its existence is completed
In a given moment
And the universe has moved on

Can you preserve a moment's essence
Use it as a mold that can't be recast
In any other circumstance
In spite of consonance

Every moment's unique rhythm
Can be caught in a crystal prism
Naturally formed by conditions unique
Though to human eyes it may be oblique

And yet, we always can see traces
For example, look at faces
The patterns of wrinkles thereon
Track the moments of their movement

Through time and space and circumstance
Causation so advanced we call it chance
Magic that might someday become science
If we sufficiently advance

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Oh wow - I can see the influence here from what you were reading before you wrote it - I’ve read the I Ching once upon a time...and now I’m marvelling at how you manage to get so many big words neatly packaged up into this skirmish! I like the idea of tracing someone’s wrinkles to their movements. Brill

yes after a ot of skimishes my eyes were boggling at all those words really well done

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It feels a little incomplete, (something about that last line feels off), but otherwise it feels really nice. Well done! Smile

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If you weren't already sleepy, 20 minutes of Jung would get you there. Wink You've done a good job taking a serious look at the subject matter. Interesting twist at the end almost challenges his point. Excellent job with the prompt. Thanks for playing.