Sore Feet

Sore Feet

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Liner Notes: 

again...about an hour and half in, i realized this was supposed to be a skirmish!
Sorry ya'll...but I was having too much fun!
So yeah just a little dance number with some kinda 80s lyrics.
Tried to keep it interesting while maintaining a constant melody....i guess...
Again....synthvox is kinda letting me down here in the vamp, as it wouldn't say the words rapidly enough to maintain the groove. Sigh...
But I hope the feel comes through anyway.
I can just see a crowded 80s dance floor with neon, big hair, sunglasses, spandex, ankle warmers....and some guy in a denim jacket with his collar starched to death so it'll stand up in the heat of the place....dancing toward some girl he's trying to win over. He's spent all week toiling on his job, taking care of business and stuff, now he's here for one thing, to dance until his sore feet can't dance anymore just to win her heart!
That's what I hoped to convey.


I got
Sore feet from workin
I got
Sore feet from runnin
I got
sore feet from movin
These sore
Feet ain't for nothin

I got
Sore feet from chasin
I got
Sore feet from racin
I got
Sore feet its so true
Sore feet
Tryin' to reach you


(vamp/refrain..chorus? whatever you call this)
Sore feet
dancin for your heart
sore feet
dancin for your love
sore feet
sore feet from dancin
sore feet
just keep on dancin

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Ah, synthvox. I'm kind of glad that synthvox aren't quite at human skillz yet--having said that, this worked out pretty well I think. Very catchy synth bed here to the track as well.

great for a skirmish. i love your stuff. well done. really catchyl

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I'm digging the rhythm and I love your take on the challenge. I think if you slowed down the vox on the vamp it would work even better than it does here. This is a great skirmish piece.

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This sounds very New Order-ish and is totally soaked in the 80s vibe of which you speak. The robo-voice works well, like one of those "the future is here" Gary Numan type songs. Very catchy as well! Sounds great.

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Got a great energy to this song! And I like that synthvox. It might be a little annoying to make it work properly, but it definitely carries a strong impact on the song... Instantly signals it as a rave song, I feel. Anyway, I liked it. Nice one! Smile

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loved this right from the start
great production
great vocals
all round top notch