Dangerous World

Dangerous World

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Liner Notes: 

host metalfoot
prompt sore feet

Since I'm currently dealing with a foot infection, this was easy. Thanks for the good prompt.

Guitars: Guild D-25

Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Dangerous World

Got sore feet
Feelin' beat
Hope it's not infected
School of hard knocks
Got to wear socks
Always be protected.

Had too much fun
Out in the hot sun
Now I'm feelin' burned
Makin' the cool scene
Forgot the sun screen
You'd think that I would learn

It's a dangerous, dangerous world
If you don't watch your back,
You might get jacked
Into darkness you'll be hurled
These are dangerous, dangerous times
The food is rotten
Have you forgotten?
Got to watch your enzymes

Got sore feet
Feelin' tired
Now I got the blues
Ain't no wonder
I'm goin' under
Someone stole my shoes.


Sore feet, sore feet
Seems no day is quite complete
Without sore feet, sore feet
Sore feet

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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What a lovely upbeat jingly jangly vibe to your music! I love the toe tapping (pardon the pun) feel it has. Clever as rhymes and a jolly flow that slithers from start to end. Catchy outro!

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That guild sure does sound good. Good rhythm in this song. It almost has a Caribbean beach feel to it, I think. Yeah, I definitely like the rhythm in the guitar, the way the melody fits so nicely on top and the... block/percussion bit in the background.

Nice straight into the percussion! Nice upbeat fun track. Nice change into the chorus. good chorus. and i like Got to watch your enzzzzzymes

metalfoot's picture

Found myself couch-dancing to this one. Great beat and feel to the track. Sorry to hear about your foot! But hopefully this song helps you feel better too!

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Nice salsa dance feel which is perfect for a song about sore feet! Strong hook in the chorus. Fun take on the prompt.

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You just have fun and it shows; sounds like you enjoy every single moment of music making processes.
Turned something like a foot infection into something fun for listeners. Let's face it, this prompt was made for your stylings!
And its not just fun for fun's sake; you really put songs together well.

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Loved this! The rhythm and execution of the guitar playing is excellent; so infectious! And I loved your vocals on this. Enjoyed the lyrics, too. All around great job. Thanks for sharing!