Slowly...So Slowly

Slowly...So Slowly

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish Prompt: Slow or slowly


I'll move your fingers into mine
slowly.. so slowly
create sensations that are divine

I'll move in closer to your lips
slowly... so slowly
to help you imagine more of this

I'll trace your mouth with my tongue slowly
kiss you fully when I'm done

I'll press my body into you slowly
and rock you gently in all we do

oh slowly we travel
into a magical night
as our music unfolds
with poetic insight

oh slowly
to savor each moment with you
with endless passion burning through

I'll wrap my arms around you tight slowly
caress your body warmly and light

I'll pull you in and reach in deep
slowly... so slowly
responding to your want and need

I'll hold you strong as you soar
slowly... so slowly
until we can't fly slow anymore

I'll be there for you as you come down
slowly... so slowly
and kiss you sweetly all around

oh slowly we travel
into a miraculous dawn
as our music awakens
with a gorgeous love song

oh slowly
to savor each moment with you
endless passion burning through

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Sheesh. That needs an NSFW or something Wink
Very sensual lyric, for sure. Nice work with the slow prompt!

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I love that you use the senses and imagery to create such an enticing lyric. I have more to say but I think I wanna find my wife...

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What a wonderfully sensual lyric. It is very well put together and most evocative. Great work.

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I need to hear Norah Jones sing this in the vein of "Come Away With Me"...
Beautiful lyrics as always from you! Sensual but quite gentle and sincere