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Space Force

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Liner Notes: 

MarkG and I wanted to do a collab, and he suggested "Space Force", a timely topic. MarkG wrote the lyrics, I started the music off. Uke bass, Logic fake drums, guitars, lasers, and one of the synth parts are mine. The pedal steel is fantastic here, and that was MarkG's idea. Mark does the vocal!
Standup sent me the music demo first, and it suggested a lonely atmosphere for the lyrical story line. We wanted the plot to lead to plenty of laser effects in the ending. This is my first FAWM collaboration and I was fortunate to work with such a talented musician and producer.


Joined the Space Force at 19 years old
Cause I had no earthly future digging coal
Joined the Space Force so I could travel far
Hang with new creatures in a Star Wars kind of bar

Joined the Space Force so I could see the world
But it’s been three years since I even saw a girl
I do my duty in isolation
Serving The Space Force, USA, Corporation

On an metal asteroid far beyond the Martian orbit
It’s only me out here with a crew of mining robots
So Space Force, Inc, can hold its legal claim
They must maintain one Space Force human being

Space Force, Space Force—they say I made it
Space Force, USA, Incorporated

All alone on this space rock while the robots mine
Watching censored news from Earth is how I spend my time
I shoot at passing meteors when I’m feeling bored
And fantasize of fighting in a real Space Force war

So I practice with my laser gun to repel an alien raid
Or competing company pirate ships from China or Paraguay
I want to use my laser gun to repel an alien raid
Or fight competing company pirate ships from China or Paraguay

I’m in the Space Force, baby, serving my nation
The Space Force, USA, Corporation

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We written .well delivered
Spacey stuff pulls me in

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This is an excellent collab! Brilliant lyrics - timely, for sure. And I like the smooth spoken/sung delivery. Amazing array of musical sounds. Wow!

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Really sharp take on the topic. I like the layers of humor, social commentary, deadpan delivery, beautiful instrumentation and playful sound effects. The pedal steel and synth tones, and the echoes in the vocal production especially stoke my 6-year-old astronaut fantasies.

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Love the heavy bass.
The lyrics are both hilarious and sad at the same time.
Great headphone mix.
The laser sounds are a nice touch.
Nice vocal delivery.
For some reason this reminds me of a later-period Pink Floyd track.
Really nice collab!!

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Great flow, I am in love with your bass. Very nice vocal, love the spacey sounds.

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That bass and pedal steel are really nice. It gives it a kind of cowboy riding in the desert vibe that I like. And those lasers are beautiful!

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Really cool atmosphere ... the pedal steel among the space rock reminds me a bit of Daniel Lanois with Eno. The bass is fabulous! Great sounds and interesting lyrics, and all the lasers and stuff really add lots.

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Aaaaaah this is so good! I love the pedal steel, and atmospheric synths, and the lyrics are hysterical, hahaha.

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Great storytelling here, and such a tremendous atmosphere you create. The bass groove is really hypnotic. It doesn't make me want to volunteer for Space Force, though Smile

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Pew! Pew! Pew!

Has a sort of "Calexico in Space" feel to it. Loads of good stuff in this - really dig the use of reverb as a creative tool. The slide guitar and the crunchy distorted guitar off to the right are particularly good. I might dial the bass back a bit, but that might be the PC speakers I'm listening to this on.

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Space force: the dream and the truth. Brilliant take on the theme. @headfirstonly's comment "Calexico in space" makes me smile, because it fits so well. Saw them in concert just a few weeks ago. Brilliant

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I'm ignorant to current events, and I'm re-watching Star Trek TNG for like the 4th time all the way through...
I've also been in a cosmic sort of mood lately, musicwise.
This has much spaciness. The lasers, the guitars and synths...
I think it was a good choice to deliver the vocals the way they were; it injects a lot of atmosphere this way as opposed to being all sung.
Loneliness of space is felt here in the vocal delivery, music, and the lyrics.
Great collab!

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I keep forgetting about Space Force. There's so much it's easy to forget. This is great way to be reminded. Chock full of biting humor. I love the laser effects and the repeating bass pattern helps highlight the monotony of space force. It's a really good story that you've told.

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Sounds like a very lonely life out on the space frontiers... makes me think of Firefly. Nice guitar sound - the reverb and tremolo make me think of desolate Spaghetti Western kinds of themes, only out on an asteroid desert maybe. The big bass holds up the bottom end nicely.

I like how the story starts with a kid's dreams of traveling and seeing the universe (much like young Skywalker maybe?) and meeting aliens, but just like any industry the reality doesn't always turn out as glamorous as advertised.