Old 45's

Old 45's

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Liner Notes: 

Well Cindy Prince has this lyric which when I read it, "heard something", but then, when went to engage it, -- lost it (old story aye Crazy )

So, as I worked it, total krappe offered itself for use, so let it sit.

Then when went back with more "head-space" available and time... evolved it using two chords I am stunned I used (used to hate them as "hard" to form, hands, on the guitar), Bb and Ab. I use a modified Bar-chord fragment shape which sound complete sans one-string.

Anyway, it's kinda what I think I heard. -- as always, it's totally up to Cindy. She kinda knows me now so knows what to expect. So, if you see "this" (it remains up), she "liked" it Wink

I am fully aware this is just a demo but wanted to hint at a "production"... so added embellishments to frame/sketch it, add dimension, --not as an attempt to "make a record".... so, please do comment as far as I am concerned (we don't have the luxury of waiting a week always and tweek things). I messed with Cindy's lyrics, (see her orig), so blame me if take issue with any Crazy
-- At the lyric-word, ~~"four" I start what I call a "warning" bend so I don't scare the krappe out of a first time listener of backing embellishments to come. I struggle to leave things alone and not align a .010 sec difference since a month from now, "fits" fh/bh if makes sense. And, on one set of headphones after Compiled into 16 bit WAV sounds different on other, or even not in "audacity" native format... which was interesting this 5090 session to start hearing... and had to go back, (in other tracks, not this one) and increase/decrease dB levels... surprise surprise Smile (this is not multi-channel tape, to be sure Lol )


Bflat F a
Beatles, Stones
C g
Monkees, and Byrds
G g C g D f#
The best songs I've ever heard 2x

D f#
The first one I remember
D sus g f# e D
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
Am e sus \Am sus
I think I was four, dancin' on my bedroom the floor

D // //
And then the Beach Boys… …
D f#
Help me Rhonda..help help me Rhonda
Am sus
I might have been five, diggin' that jive

Bflat f F f
Old 45's
Aflat … … g#
Bringing me pleasure … …
Bflat // // g# to f
Songs I would treasure … …
F f // //
Forever and a day

‘round about ‘66
I rode that last train to Clarksville
The year I turned six, singing into sticks

By the time I was seven
Beltin' can't take…, my eyes off you
Learning the dance moves, feelin' the groove 2x


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Liked the way you quoted style fragments here and there along with the storytelling. Nice work.

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Hey this worked! The same feel to it and it is better than my original. Love the music, the style-great job!

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A song about loving music in a community full of music lovers - this is gonna go down well Smile Love the lyrics, the nostalgia of growing up to all those great bands and learning to love music. The music and vocal delivery works nicely and I love the musical flourishes that hint at the artist being mentioned.

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Dude, that voice!
I feel like you could sing anything and make it sound great.
And then these lyrics, they're...really melancholy to me, and just quite awesome.
The little barely there licks throughout on the guitar add so much.
And then...wait its over?! Drat.
Could have listened to this for another 5 minutes!
Great job you two

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Nice job, you guys. I'll echo the compliments on the vocal--which does a great job interpreting Cindy's always-great lyrics. Coincidentally, I was just talking with some "youngsters" the other day about 45s and changes in the music business. Great work!

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Lovely lyrics and performance. Brings back memories! Vocals are fab, as are the little guitar fills. Nice!

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Loving those little embellishments! I like the feel. So Cindy - you're a 1960 baby? Me too! Good year... Wink

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I like this lyric a lot. It's a great title/idea for a lyric and I think you've captured that feeling/essence very well. (As usual.) The vocal performance has that just right feel to it. A little grit and some cracks in there to give it a strong feeling. This is a good collaboration. (I'm not sure what the heck those liner notes were saying for sure, but it sounds like you had an idea, lost it and kind of recaptured it. If so, then I can sympathize and I'm glad you stuck with it.)

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Good nostalgia. We all could sing this with different songs plugged in but the experience is shared. Good job catching it in an enjoyable listen. BTW you can use lower case b as a flat sign. i.e. Bb to Ab.