Orange is the new Nixon

Orange is the new Nixon

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Liner Notes: 

Another one inspired by politics and current events, which are swirling louder and louder these days, it seems.

Let's hope these prophesies come true--- who knows, but it does appear at least a little more likely now, tho by no means a sure thing.

Recorded using a baritone guitar , vocal and harmonica. (actually two harmonicas in different keys for different parts in the song)


Every day you’re getting just a bit more unhinged
Watching your favorite fox friends for your daily binge
You’re yelling ‘witch hunt’ every day without fail
Wouldn’t it be great to see if you could make bail?

When Orange is the new Richard Nixon
And you have to resign in disgrace
When Mueller starts his medicine mixin’
Can’t wait to see the look on your face

When the wagons start to circle, and the buzzards do the same
And Congress loses confidence in your confidence games
When more people from your circle start to plead and start to turn
And they finally release what’s in your tax returns

When Orange is the new Richard Nixon
And your tweets will start with ‘its so unfair’
When Mueller starts his medicine mixin’
And your jumpsuit color matches your hair

You and your base in your white hoods and tiki torches
You’ll always be with them in a place so hot that it scorches

Every week the schemes you concocted
Start to unravel thread by thread
Can’t wait for you to move out of the White House
To a prison cell with a little bunk bed

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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The Schadenfreude's on the other foot, and I love it. Funny title and sharp images and rhymes ... this bounces along wonderfully. (I always thought his fake tan was more orange than his hair, but that's perhaps a topic for another song.)

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very boppy tune for the snark and derision so expertly stated. i'd like to hear the term "cheeto benito" around here-- might improve our public image. nice harmonica break-- very redolent of prison, for one thing! hope you had as much fun making it as it is to listen to. good job. i'd love a baritone guitar-- it would definitely fit my voice.

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The tone of your voice in this is *perfect* - it's difficult to do withering sarcasm convincingly without going full Roger Waters. Nobody should go full Roger Waters. This is finely judged and most enjoyable.

Less than sixty days to the midterms, now; I am very much looking forwards to seeing what you guys do. I suspect it's going to be spectacular.

(And kudos on a fine harmonica break, Mike!)