Act Okay

Act Okay

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Liner Notes: 

I asked to put these original lyrics by @Chandra83 to music. I used a new open tuning for me with guitar tuning in open Cm6. Minor sixths chords are particularly sad because they have both the minor chord, and an inverted diminished chord when the sixth, root, and minor third are put together. All of the chords in this song are minor sixths.


remove chords
Act Okay
Open Cm6 CGCD#AC

Verse 1
I wake up
To greet the day
I’m half dead
But I act 'okay'

The world outside
Is harsh and cold
And facing it
Means being bold

Verse 2
I cover up
As much as I can
And try to walk
When I can barely stand.

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Verse 2

Repeat Verse 1

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Now that's word economy. Economy on everything.
I like it. A whole lot of songs are way overdone IMO

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The lyric bores into the marrow of the feeling of depression. The guitar atmosphere is so cool--somehow pretty and unsettling

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Great treatment of Chandra's lyrics.
So sparse but so full of meaning.
I like her (your) lyrics but don't really know how to approach them musically without going the "experimental" route.
Really nice headphone mix.

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im with fuzzy on this one. you really need to listen through headphones to get the full effect , as the ads for new develpments in audio technology may have promised in the 1950s, this is a true adventure in sound dimensions.