Maybe There Is Someplace

Maybe There Is Someplace

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Liner Notes: 

started with a very simple guitar loop, added some very minimal drums (snap and kick), then my vocals all played with AlterEgo.
Just kept adding stuff I liked and finally some junky, loose, and effected drums towards the end.
Hard to feel like you have a place in this world/life sometimes...


Maybe there is someplace
For me in this world

(in this world)

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This is very cool. it does have a really loose feel. i love what you have done with the vocals.

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I really like the drum groove towards the end. Really cool guitar loop too, very funky/jazzy. And I love that you put a ninja turtle as the photo haha! Great work on this.

Great work, -- I get it. Music 2

The samples sound "real", -- very interesting to get that real, loose a sound and it be a sample and have that much control (assuming it wasn't massive amounts of work?). Smile

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While some of your songs would fit a club packed with people dancing, I felt this one would fit the end of the evening, with just a couple of people left on the dance floor... Something so introspective about it, but mixed with losing yourself. (Is that even possible? It must be, because you've done it!) This seems to be a song for the people who haven't hooked up... The people who don't know what to do, but are trying to enjoy the ride anyway. And I'm saying that not just because of the lyrics, but because of the music, too.

Overall, a good song. Nice work! Smile