Too Pretty

Too Pretty

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Liner Notes: 

spent way too much time on this with less quality than I'm happy with. i'm beginning to question my decisions to share things that I don't consider "of quality"...but...50 songs.... And I'm only on 28...
so I hope to go back and give more variation to the chords, bass, some more transitions, and better drums overall.
these songs aren't mixed worth a crap but i know that's not a big deal here for this challenge.

i tried...whatever this is lol
there's some guitarness in here towards the end, some more AlterEgo, and lyrics about some girl I'll never even say hello to.


Cant look at her, she's too pretty

her skin
like a caramel
with the sweetest smell
and how it glows

her voice
like an angel above
she speaks the language of love
that only heaven knows

Cant look at her, she's too pretty

her face
makes the world at peace
brings me down to my knees
it haunts my dreams

her smile
grips my heart like a vice
it renews my life
i'm bursting at the seams

Cant look at her, she's too pretty

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this is not my area of expertise although i am trying to learn more but it seems pretty good to me. it does get stronger as it goes on and the "guitarness " is really good

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Hey I'm no expert either but I really like the delivery here. The synth vox works really well!

Very strong lyrics, really great hook, repeat.

The midi'd vocal sample works well, --authentic.

The guitar solo sounds "real" to me, -- like when I walk up to my half stack with single coils and play off the feedback, --again, sounds "real" to me.

As I've said maybe on others, ref'g a young family member who does allot of "clubbing" in the EU... -- this would sound right in, fit right in. And, as vain as they are Smile (Teen EU's out clubbing... ) will love the hook, posing for selfies as they dance... well the one I know does Crazy ... 3am I'm getting posses off the dance floor, -- bunch of barbie dolls dancing with each other Lol Music 2