Fight Back

Fight Back

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Liner Notes: 

Another work cloud set of lyrics because why not.

astounding care cures date deterioration die end feel feels going headache heart hormone matter quit rumors stress synapse taking transport wasting whats working worry


A worry awakens in your mind,
You aren’t mistaken, you fall in line,
Deterioration of a process streamlined,
You’re going to find another way to resign

Your synapses take you back to when,
Your mishaps mesmerized, you feel again

You carry the cure
But you must travel there first
The stress will twist your insides
Stop wasting away in all these lies

The rumors end now so stop pretending you care,
I fought the tide to overcome this nightmare,
Taking what’s working and I’ll drown all the rest,
These words will no longer be suppressed

The astounding ways you pull in your pain,
I quit your games, to see what remains,
Tensions are building, bridges are burning,
The hurricane won’t be returning

I took the cure
And I found my way there first
I watched how the stress divides
And I realized you picked the wrong side

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You did a fantastic job weaving these words into a song that provokes thought and scans well. Impressive!