Happy International Strange Music Day!

Happy International Strange Music Day!

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Liner Notes: 

@TomS started a discussion about International Strange Music Day which is today. I read it about five hours ago and decided to make some strange music. So here it is. It's not really all that strange because it has a chorus that is pretty poppy and bubblegummy. But like Julie Andrews sang: "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down..." Smile


Happy International Strange Music Day! by Klaus

Is it Schoenberg?
Is it Ligeti?
Look out! Is it pa-pa-pa-pa-pa...Penderecki?

No, it's me
wishing you
Happy International Strange Music Day!

Is it random?
Is it Dorian?
A bit, yes, I...I think so, maybe, you know...
Is it go-go-go-go-go-go...gorgeous?
I hope so

No, it's me
wishing you
Happy International Strange Music Day!

Can you hear toms?
It's anybody's guess
Is it warm and fuzzy?
You're full of klaus!
Alles gehen hinaus

It is me
wishing you
Happy International Strange Music Day!

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Priceless you master of the strange fantastic music! So Klaus, so fine! Fun, magical, and crazy! Love it.

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And a waltz at the end, wonderful!

Awesome. Shared with the SMD founder. Biggrin

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Love that conversation you occupied yourself with on Happy International Strange Music Day. Masterfully creative, again. And good fun too (especially that shy-ish "A bit, yes, I...I think so, maybe, you know..."). That stately waltz...fantastic!

thats the spirit! well done strange fun but still listenable. i think youve captured the day perfectly. nice

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Love it! Why can't every day be strange music day? There's just something so creative about this... I like the weird psychedelic parts best. Some sort of strangled synth... Awesome!

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Oh my gosh, Klaus, I love this!
You should unleash your strange side more often!
That strange bit after the second chorus is great!
Great headphone mix, too.
Playfully weird!!

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Wow, Klaus!! Such a smorgasbord! I love the interludes of strangeness that follow the choruses, and the panning was a real treat. I think the final outgoing chorus was my favorite sung portion, because of the complete commitment. This has left me with a wonderfully warm grin!

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Love this, from the eerie intro to the strange vocals to the bouncy weirdness of the whole piece. I'm "full of klaus" and loving it! Chorus reminds me of Captain Sensible and Syd Barrett. Waltz at the end a lovely touch.

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the breaks are strange, but the song itself isnt so strange..except of course for the whole concept and structure of it. so compelling, i was always eagerly awaiting whatever came next. this is possbly the most infectious, istenable piece of avant wizardry i have ever heard. stange music is so often difficult and alienating until you get wind of what is happening and accuston yourself to it, but this was joyfully engaging from the very start.

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Love the intro, it's like Forbidden Planet. I love the weird interludes joining the verses. Flipping to a waltz for the last verse is fun.

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You do psychotic breaks very well! I didn't know Strange Music Day existed, will note it down for next year.

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I love your weird things thats fabolous work and very brave artistery