"I am Speaking to You from the Cabinet Room"

"I am Speaking to You from the Cabinet Room"

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: "I am Speaking to You from the Cabinet Room"

Liner Notes: 

This came out sounding very dark, so I ran Neville Chamberlain's 1939 declaration of war through it.

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Dark and haunting guitar music; love the layers and the reverb -- the Chamberlain clip is a good idea to run through it. Powerful overall effect.

love the title. it is haunting guitar. that talking in the background draws you in to listen closer - you are very clever with these songs.

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This experiment was a very successful one. Works perfectly, and the guitar does sound beautifully dark.

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Well, I'll listen to anything tagged "experimental", so you got me right there.
You're right, this is kinda dark sounding.
The spoken-word is a really nice touch.
I like how the guitars start to drift away from each other.
Sounds a bit like Generative music; I'd be interested to hear about your process.
Well done!

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I'm always a fan of TG guitar playing. This sounds so cool and hypnotic as these waves of guitar roll over each other. Love the talking in the background. Even when we can't understand the words, we know what he's talking about, which give the piece added resonance

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I was puzzled why the Chamberlain's speech was so quiet. But it works. The sound of the guitar is beautiful, sad and gloomy at the beginning. First, it drowns out the official, proper speech and then the music starts to veer into chaos more and more. It's a very musical and aural description of what happens, "psychologically" maybe, in a war. Well done.

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Interesting oscillation when the guitar lines drift away. That's a fine soundscape

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i like how you come up with such original guitar parts without resorting to oddball tunings.