Drink the Water of My Tears

Drink the Water of My Tears

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Liner Notes: 

- Some changes in the musicated lyrics from the prior lyric-only post, --"arrangement" stuff

I was not sure how this would be, as said, jotted down in sec's during work day. The *good feedback made me think I'd go ahead with it, so look for more critical feedback in any regard.


I'm glad for all my crying..., it's kept me well a-live
I've been living on the water, of my tears now, to survive

So Christ He said to me..., I gave, that living water
What's in you..., it came from me
It's my tears for you, you're drunk upon..., as much as you, can Sea

As I curled up to His lap, all 6 foot three of me
His capacity to hold me, had no limit that I could see

I slept for just a moment, and back to dirt he put me
I'm still not clear my direction home...,
But now know..., this Resurrection [ oh oh oh ]

For as long as I am dirt bound here, -- no de-construction, fears
If even in confusion, I now proceed in life-song cheer

Drink, the water of your tears, and not be drunk on all your fears
There's something to this dirt we tread, and to know it puts you dead
When we finally have all our answers, we then take our forever beds

Nothing but the water of my tears…

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Very cool concept. Love your lyrics and music. Very poignant song, singing and playing.

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you have the gift that nick cave, tom waits, bob dylan, and chris cornell have of dealing with christian themes in a way that is excitong to a young audience in a godless society. the only thing missing in your songs is the audience. this is not music made for virtual litening in the isolation of a pair of headphones. it is communal music. i hear the audience reaction to each line as music as i hear the line itself aslo, these are not lyrics to read along to the song with..the words need to come straight from the mouth to the ear, without the intercessionn of the page. i think this is one of your best songs. the idea og being sutainrd by the water of your tears which are really the tears of christ given to you is theologically advanced. i thiink some of the lyrics in the old hymnals are closer to what you are writing than the bless me i am saved tripe that passes for christian music today.