Dark Autumn Wind_In Need of a Singer

Dark Autumn Wind_In Need of a Singer

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Liner Notes: 

Sorry for keeping posing the songs without the vocal demos but I'm doing it out of my huge kindness lol or else you will hear how I sing them. Seriously though, if you think you are happy to sing it both Wy and me will be very grateful. Please kindly post your comment if you are happy to collaborate with us. I can if this helps send my approximate vocal guide just to give you an idea of where Wy's lyrics are connecting with my music.
Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.
I posted my piece here *33395, Wy wrote his very beautiful lyrics and I felt my music needed to get some adjustments so I've shortened it and added another instrument. Wy's lyrics: *33482


Dark Autumn Wind
Lyrics by Wyman Griffith

Our love was in flower
That sweet summertime
But when autumn came
It just withered and died

The bright summer breezes
Lasted just a few days
Then dark autumn winds
Just blew them away

Our Love was in flower
That sweet summertime
But when autumn came
It just withered and died

Dark clouds were gathering
Then thunder rolled in
And out of that cloud
Came a dark autumn wind

Though your love may seem solid
And true to the end
Best build a shelter
From that dark autumn wind

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I had commented on Wy's lyrics already. This is good music for them... whimsical, nostalgic, but also a little... hollow? That doesn't sound complimentary but I mean it like there's a sense of space... an an open, cool atmosphere that I associate with autumn... just a little bit dark and ominous. It's hard to describe. Anyway, you capture it, which is really cool.

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Oh this does fit! It has a little mystery and a feeling of suspense in a way. I hope you get a singer!