Always Nothing

Always Nothing

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Liner Notes: 

Don't know where I was going with this one, but it was another one that came from the LyriCloud generator - apparently my brain needs that currently to write anything Smile

The words: again anger bludgeoned brain causing dynamite end eventual forget gain heartache hide hunger living miles pain part sadness screaming show something stand strumming tears thoughts


Bludgeoned again,
The dynamite drowns me,
Over again,
The anger pulls down on me
Screaming so loud,
Show me something to believe,
Staring at clouds,
Hoping for eventual reprieve

I tried, to forget the pain,
But it’s, driving me insane

I noticed fear, I noticed fright,
The sadness carries me through the night,
Living thoughts run rampant in my brain,
I guess to stand, we must make it through the pain

Is this the end,
I’m hiding from my own tears,
I need to defend,
The part that disappears

I tried, to run in the rain,
But I, have sadness uncontained

It’s causing me to mark the miles,
That I’ve travelled on the road of trials,
Gaining pressure as I cross the lines,
Define myself, and break from the confines

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Wow, this is great, what a wonderful write off of the cloud! LOVE, love, love the structure!! This has a really nice, strong rhythm to it, just sings along!! Love the darkness and emotion, great write!!