The Bare Outer Labyrinth [Loop based track VII]

The Bare Outer Labyrinth [Loop based track VII]

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The Bare Outer Labyrinth

Liner Notes: 

This was made on GarageBand. I don't own a Mac at home; this was created on one of the Mac computers in the keyboard lab at my TAFE course.
The title was automatically generated by the FAWM Muse.

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This has a jazz feel, was that what you were aiming for? Very lounge, easy listening, cocktail. Nice development from 0:56 The sparseness of the track really gives a lot of depth. Good stuff. (and I'm not an electronica fan, either) And that's a neat end to it. EDIT And indeed, you've created a neat piece of jazz-electronica.

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The timbres in this are compelling. I like the pacing, and the big shift about halfway through. I like the combination of the more sawtooth sounds and the sine kinds of sounds (you can tell acoustical science is not my forte).

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Definitely a good use of TAFE time. As someone who has 2 TAFE certificates, I entirely understand that this song is a more useful thing to do than studying. :P Keep the dream alive! Smile