Can you indict a sitting President?

Can you indict a sitting President?

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So earlier today there were two high-profile cases in Federal Court involving the president's campaign chairman as well as his personal lawyer, and the title question has been asked by many. There's no settled law, tho at present the Justice Dept seems to be shy and say that he can't... but I think there is, or should be an important exception that is in play here,'s why, in a musical response...

very quick iPhone recording of a one-take live acoustic recording, done late at night...


The question of the day is ‘Can you indict a sitting President?’
To answer this properly, let’s review some recent events
The president’s attorney testified under oath, making this connection
That his client directed him to pay off women to quote ‘influence the election’

This is a campaign finance violation, and a Federal crime
And it was done a month before the election, an interesting time
Had they disclosed the payments, as the law requires, the truth would have been revealed
And that whole election landscape would have been a very different field

So in order to gain the presidency, and the right to not be indicted while there
He directed his attorney to violate campaign laws to cover up two affairs
Should we give someone immunity, which was obtained using criminal behavior
Oh please, Robert Mueller, stand up and say ‘no’, and be our country’s savior

Put this argument another way, another way this can be discussed
To reap the rewards of one’s criminal acts, seems to be rather unjust
Do we let a person, murder their parents and then say ‘have pity on an orphan child
The answer here, seems to be clear, let’s not let justice be defiled

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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I sure hope so! Yesterday was a great day-I wrote a little one called Guilty. Nice job!

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i have a newr song about the 100s of pensylvanian priests who raped 100s of children and are getting away with it..and that song implicates politicians as well as priests, so i am sympathetic to your theme. but in this case, a question in my mind remains unanswered. was the crime in his paying off the prostitute who was blackmailing him, or using campaign funds to di it? or lying about the whole affair? and why is the blackmailer not being indicted for the crime of blackmail? what kind of deal did she make? glad to hear your voice has mended.

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Had to listen. Wasn't a choice. Catharsis. Thank you! Also, I love how you get so much specific information in song form. Nicely done!!

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Love Do we let a person, murder their parents and then say ‘have pity on an orphan child?

I can't help but wonder if it would have made a difference to the RNC.
They wanted victory at any cost to fill those Supreme Court seats.
And the cost has been Yuge!!

I thought he was done after PussyGate!
Yesterday was a tinge of hope
Keep em coming!
I know his supporters don't care

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Strong clear delivery. On target powerful message. Multiple legal and ethical issues.

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Sounds like a reasonable argument to me! This performance gets it across in a nicely wry folk manner, highlighting the absurdity with as much humor as outrage. That analogy in the last verse is awesome.