I Believe In Past Lives

I Believe In Past Lives

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Liner Notes: 

This one came to me quickly, I really like it, and I was able to nail the mandolin in one take. All in all, a great morning of writing and playing.


I believe in past lives, to me it all makes sense
Diamond thief or fire chief, I guess it just depends
I have faith, and then I doubt, but in the end I trust
I could turn to garden dirt and I have come from cosmic dust

I was lying on the floor one afternoon when I received my vision
I have read the sacred texts but mostly I learned from intuition

I believe in past lives, that’s my philosophy
Bumble bee and chimpanzee, it’s all led up to me
If we agree to disagree, you’ll still be my friend
You can tell me I was right when you see me round the bend

I believe in past lives, that’s how it all connects
From smart phones to Egyptian thrones to the bones of old T Rex
Maybe I was rich and stupid, maybe wise and poor
I’m heading somewhere and I’ve been somewhere before

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Oh, I love this! The mandolin is perfect and I too believe in past lives. Many dreams I have dreamed of being someone or something else. I also frequently dream in French, which I only know a few words of. Anyhow, super job!

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I like it
Yep,thats the only it makes sense to me

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clever and funny take on the reincarnation theme. the mandolin does sound awfully good, and youve got some killer lines in there.

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Really enjoyable. Clever lyrical take on a theme that's not easy to capture. "If we agree to disagree, you’ll still be my friend/You can tell me I was right when you see me round the bend" was the line that jumped out at me.

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A clever feel-good song about a deep subject. Guitar and mandolin sound great as does your relaxed vocals. This kind of song could easily be something too abstract but you keep it concrete enough. Some really nice inner rhymes and I especially like when in the last verse there are more of those. Usually, it's the first verse that has inner rhymes and the rest hasn't because it's hard. Smile

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An Old Tyme-style song about A Big Question.
Great lyrics.
Really appealing mandolin playing, too.
I tend to agree with you, but I'll reserve fully making up my mind until I get there.
Great work!

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This is quite fun! Great rhymes and descriptions in the lyric. Much food for thought. Interesting topic. Music is entertaining. I enjoyed this song!

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I love love love and miss your songs (will catch up now when travel is over) Super great song.