Beautiful (Take 1)

Beautiful (Take 1)

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Liner Notes: 

I read the lyrics by @SueAwesome and instantly heard Leonard Cohen speaking it. A first idea. I did one keyboard track with notes in the key of C (all the white keys) primarily sequenced from C, F, and G chords attempted to emulate soft raindrops. Then I copied and pasted that track to create multiple tracks with different effects. . The drums are four different Garageband loops. Vocal added on top, about halfway through I realized I needed to shorten the length so I cut up and moved around some pieces of the track to keep the overall song at a manageable length.


For original lyrics and song concept see this post by @SueAwesome

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sounds like a leonard cohen mantra from his days as a monk.

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Love the laid back feel to this track; nice approach to the vocals.

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Nice build with the different drum loops. There is a little Indian/eastern feel in some of the drum loops, the fast hi-hat notes and toms. I like the idea that it is the light inside that is beautiful, not our exterior. Good vocals too.