Living In The Present

Living In The Present

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Liner Notes: 

Song Skirmish Facebook group title prompt. Decided it was time for actual blues. Written and recorded in less than an hour.


Living In the Present
Open Em7 EBDGBE 12 bar blues Em7 Am7 Bm7

One Smart car out of town, the other one going to the shop (x2)
Tires are all leaking, wondering when they’re gonna stop

Running on electricity, don’t want no more gasoline (x2)
But the sky keeps on raining, its not easy being green

Can’t get solar until the sun shines, thats what Nick said to me (x2)
Man its hard to be environmentally conscious, even harder to live sustainably

Living in the present, shits about as real as its gonna get (x2)
Till I find the light, I crack the flashlight getting wet

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Oooo some good old blues! Love this-the feel of the whole thing!

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Awesome blues sound and seems so unfair that doing the right thing for the environment causes the hardships it can! Hopefully one of those cute cars of yours will be charged up to go again soon!

As you listened to my take on "living in the present" it's grat to listen to yours. I love that you tackeled such a complex Topic. A blues is a perfect choice for a "green" Topic, cause it is so challenging. I am currently trying to live plastic free and I didn't think it would be so difficult. Love your "real" take on this!

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So very true. Sigh...
But worth it. I sleep better at night. Smile
You should do blues more often. It goes well with your style of spoken-ish vocal.