Plug-In Hybrid Blues

Plug-In Hybrid Blues

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Liner Notes: 

Another song, another tuning, with chromatic melodica. I hope this one doesn't catch on 'cause I have no idea what I played.


Plug-In Hybrid Blues

When I want to go electric
the dealer wants to sell me combustion
Why I want ionic kinetic
They’re pushing industry dysfunction
Its the way we’ve always done it
Don’t you read the news
Gotta have a tailpipe to run it
Your plug-in hybrid blues

It’ll go 20 or 25 miles on electric
Then switch over to gas
On a trip I’m just sucking fumes
The electric motor won’t have a chance
I’d rather charge a few hours and drive slower on the way
Got the plug-in hybrid blues

Repeat Chorus
Thats all I have to say

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haha... that wouldn't work to well for me Andy, I live about 20 to 25 miles away from everything! LOL
...but the song doesn't lack for energy. A simple and enjoyable tune.

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i love those weird harmonies in the guitar voicings as well as the harmonlodic melodica. this is definitely not the typical comedy song, although it gets all its points across with humor,