Can’t You See Mr. Green

Can’t You See Mr. Green

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Liner Notes: 

I joined an electric vehicle owners group and about half of the members have a Tesla.


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Can’t You See Mr. Green
Guitar open E tuning

Can’t you see Mr. Green
Driving 90 mph in his new performance Tesla
Can’t you see Mr. Green
Making all the women swoon and the Corvette guys get nervous
Can’t you see Mr. Green

Mr. Green can’t you see
You used to be just like me
just an average muscle car guy on the street
Till you moved up to that status symbol
and joined the elite

Repeat chorus

Mr. Green this can’t be
Driving that fast emissions free
leave me feeling incomplete
Staring at the bold T
going zero to sixty in three? [F}

Repeat chorus

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Catchy as heck chorus. Love the chord progression.

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I like the contrast between the percussive and picked sections.

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Very enjoyable track. I like the percussive guitar and the catchy chorus. The slapback echo on this is really effective.