Nuestra Cervesa (Our Beer)

Nuestra Cervesa (Our Beer)

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Liner Notes: 

First appearance of the mandolin this 50/90!

My sister and her husband are part owners of a microbrewery in Cincinnati. I wrote this one as if it were a commercial jingle for them.

And it's another opportunity to practice my Spanish for a return trip to Costa Rica.


Our beer
Is delicious
And also nutritious
And very auspicious
But please
when drinking our beer
be judicious

Nuestra cervesa
es deliciosa
y tambien nutritiva
y prometedora
cuando bebiendo nuestra cervesa
sea juiciosa

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Yeah catchy. Great instrument choice! And its about beer. Winner winner. Smile

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its a good jingle, and would also make a fitting plaque for the serving area, if they have one ..this would be a classy plaque in any beer joint. love the melody and the rhymes.

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Fantastic jingle well served with your Spanish sounding mandolin, pithy lyric, and great Spanish verse! Cheees to you!