Synthesizer Music for Beginners

Synthesizer Music for Beginners

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Liner Notes: 

Bought a new synth, Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano. Made this.The Roland CR68 drum machine also appears.

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Oh my, I was not expecting so much bleepy bloopy awesomeness.
Like the soundtrack to a video game where you have to escape from a haunted house and the house is haunted by the ghosts of Machine Elves.

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Oh, this was too much bleepy bloopy fun! I'll repay the comment-- this is not what I had expected style-wise from you but it's fun to listen to!

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Weird and wonderful. And bleepy ... definitely bleepy.

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Lovely stuff, very Radiophonic Orchestra! You're getting some good noises out of that thing.

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Haha, in the end the hero of the video game seems to have found his way to escape the machine elves.

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Oh, fun! That's a great sound, so casual!