Tides of change

Tides of change

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Liner Notes: 

More random collab fun! These classic protest lyrics by @coolparadiso (wee tweaks by me) reminded me of the rebel tunes I was listening to while in Ireland recently. Hopefully haven't ripped off someone's melody completely here. And I said the other song (Hey Mum) would be the only one in my native Aussie accent but this needed a bit of twang, so there ya go. My shortest song of 50/90 so far, cus I couldn't go any slower :P

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/I3SZ6xOqnEM


It suddenly hits us like the fiercest wave
On an ever eroding beach
When we realise that real change
May not be out of reach

Even on the darkest days
We sometimes see the light
It gives us all some hope again
And the will to stand and fight

Stand up, stand up, be counted
You know that's what to do
It's been so wrong, for oh so long
You've got to see it through

You thought you were the only one
That always felt like this
As more and more join the cause
No longer can you dismiss it

It's time, it's now, it's happening
You cannot hold it back
The tide of change is rising
The walls will start to crack


Those politicians, let’s tell em straight
And leaders everywhere
No longer will we tolerate
Being told that life’s unfair

We need to build a different world
Where truth and justice reign
Where people of all backgrounds
Get treated just the same

Chorus x2

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Great collab you two. Excellent lyrics and very catchy tune!

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Ferocious ukulele grabs the listener from the first strum and powers the lyrics forward! It does have the feel of a classic Irish/celtic folk tune, for sure!

This is headbanging folk music right here... and it's got a strong message too. Great work.

good one Tina. remind me to double the verses next time! Smile i do like the song fast! about twice as quick as i go!!!

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Yes!!! This is awesome! Love the contemporary yet timeless rebel feel of the lyrics and the uptempo Celtic feel! Really wonderful marriage of music and lyrics. I've got to listen again!

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Love the last verse lyric. It's a cool 'fight for your rights' song and I love that melody (I don't care if it's been stolen or not) and the performance is appropriately lively. Good collab.

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this definitely reminds me of the irish rebel songs. i love the way your accents converge.

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I've been to Ireland several times, and this really captures that flavor. Love the rapid-fire vocals and the fierce strumming! Get a fiddle in there next time!

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Good visuals in the lyric to get across the sentiment. The lines roll off the tongue and flow with great rhythm. The music accents that rhythm with energy! It catches your attention! Nice job.

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RIght on! there's a long tradition of using Irish traditional songs for political protest (see most of Bob Dylan's third album 'Times they are a-changin') and this is a fine fine song!

great energy and positivity and performance!!

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Dang! I've got to get over to Ireland before it's...too late. I DO love the music. You've done a great job on this, both of you! Nice work!

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great protest feel, strong lyrically and matched by the gusto of the music and performance