Fibonacci Dm

Fibonacci Dm

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Liner Notes: 

One of those instrumentals that happens just to prove I'm still active in 50/90, even though I've not posted anything for a while.

An odd one this ... basically a 'recorded live' performance using a software modular synth setup. The generative part is where the title comes from - I used a primitive sequencer called a clock divider that basically triggers a note every x intervals with 6 trigger slots - in this case the values were set to 1,1,2,3,5,8, following the Fibonacci series.

The variation in the middle of the instrumental comes from these triggers being switched out and back in over time.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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That's so cool. I actually have been thinking of writing a song about the golden ration and Fibonacci sequence. I'm one of those people that has no aptitude for math, but thinks it's one of the coolest things ever.

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And I got so excited about the thematic material that I forgot to talk about the music. I think it's really interesting using the sequence to determine when pitches will happen in the cycle. I like the timbres you've chosen. Very relaxing. It's interesting to listen to.

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Cool idea, well executed. Agreed with @katpiercemusic that it's relaxing - good sound design, I like the way the tone changes subtly as well as the pitch.

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Gosh, I sure am fascinated by generative music.
I will agree that this is oddly soothing to listen to.
I love that middle part.
Really great experiment here.
Well done!

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Very relaxing and soothing sounds, really nice headphone music. What software modular did you use?

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Interesting song. It has a lot going for it, which says a lot for maths. :P Nice one! Smile

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This sounds more melodic and has less dissonance than average "aleatoric" piece making it easy on the ear, beautiful even. It has ABA structure, kind of ( can't really tell if the first A is the same as second A ). It's interesting to listen and notice how my brain tries to find the melody and the tonal center of the music. Good job. Smile

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It's like listening to intelligent conversation in a medium so alien to our understanding, like the ink formations in 'Arrival' - very beautiful and intriguing! I'm glad you made this experiment and shared it.

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I LOVE this idea of generated music. And the Fibonacci sequence is found so many places in nature it feels 'natural' in a way many generated sequences do not.

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This makes me want to get more experimental. I sit down and end up being too concerned about things making musical "sense".
You experimented with concepts and tools and it still makes that sense. And its quite...introspective. Also calming and delicate.

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Very nice sound canvas. Spurs my interest to also dive into this kind of music. Have no experience with modular synths