Laser Hand Man

Laser Hand Man

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Liner Notes: 

Yeah so I'm sure you're gonna need to read the lyrics below...
Anyhoo, I have absolutely no idea why I wrote this. It was about 1:30 am.
I just liked the simple melodies, almost nursery-rhyme like. I made myself laugh while making it.. lol
This chord progression is one that I learned from Israel & New Breed; just played around with it and this is what I got.
It was about 3:30am when I finally looked at the time, and I was working on that vamping chorus thingy...I had to sleep so I gave up on it.
Came back this evening and decided, its gonna stay the way it is for now...I'll fix it later...maybe.
So yeah just a fun little tune that I tried to make dramatic toward the end lol I know there are a lot of mixing issues here...but...I'd be forever trying to fix them.


This is a story about a man
He has lasers in his hands

His name is Dan and when he's steamed
He shoots off his laser beams

He can cook his food real fast
Serve it up hot, just takes one blast

Ain't nobody better than Dan
He's our friendly Laser Hand Man

Laser Hand Man (repeats like a million times)

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That was a really catchy pop song. Enjoyed it a lot!