After You've Gone

After You've Gone

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Liner Notes: 

Again took longer than I thought even though the bass riff isn't entirely from this hour. It's related to something I've been practicing lately; scales and sequences in 5ths. I really like that sound.

Guitars: '64 Fender Jaguar

Amp:'67 Fender Dual Showman

Fender re-issue Reverb Unit

Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


After You've Gone

It'll get real quiet
I'll be on a liquid diet
Somethin' new I won't dare to try it
After you've gone

Day after day of dark dispair
Imagining you're standing there
Just a frightened deer in the headlight glare
After you've gone

After you've gone there's nothin' left
But a fading echo
Faint reverberations
Can't hear where they go

Night after night afraid of the dark
Brutal how you left your mark
Deep as the bite of a shark
After you've gone

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Nice track-- great rock and roll attitude to that melody. And what a cool arrangement!

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Ooooh - Cool song! The guitar is quite groovy and digging the arrangement!

musicsongwriter's picture

Love the grove. Very original and atmospheric song. Beautiful singing and playing. Very cool take on skirmish. Loving it.

tcelliott's picture

Some of those guitar bits are very tasty. That bass line is killer... it sounds great and it's a great run. Very active which supports the slower arpeggios on the verse guitar nicely. Good melody. Yeah, this is good but especially so for a skirmish.

kahlo2013's picture

This surprised me in a good way! Not what I expected! Got a great sense of the shock and helplessness this person will feel. Love the beat, bass, and guitar - cool music for the delivery of the vivid lyrics!

AndyGetch's picture

Ah the fading echo. Such enchanting guitar, and that middle break, whoah!

johnstaples's picture

I love that bass line but I really smiled when the guitar kicked in! It has a nice twangy/jangly vibe that I just absolutely love! Nicely sung and very interesting harmony/chorus part! I enjoyed my listen a lot!

cblack's picture

Loved those vocals. They just seemed primal somehow... It's hard to explain, but the emotive content of the vocals (not just the lyrics, but the sounds too) seemed to cut deep. More primal than social. At least, that's how it seemed to me. And I thought it was fantastic! Just such raw human honesty. Nicely done! Smile

Jyllian's picture

Rocking guitar, love the sound. Cool lyrics too - particularly like the way the “After you’ve gone” comes in. Great feel.