After You’ve Gone

After You’ve Gone

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday skirmish to write a song in an hour to the prompt 'After You've Gone'. This is what popped in my head.


remove chords
After You’ve Gone
Guitar slide Open B7 - BF#BD#AB
Repeat progression B7 C#7 E7 F#7

Oh, oh, oh, after you’ve gone

Chorus (Pluck 6, 5, 123)
After you’ve gone, the sun will shine brighter
After you’ve gone, the night will feel lighter
After you’ve gone, I’ll breathe better through time
After you’ve gone, I’ll sing in rhyme
Oh, oh, oh, after you’ve gone

Verse 2 (Fingerstyle)
Gone will be the moments you left me behind
feeling so wheezy breathing fines
Particulate matter you’ve been spewing
Clouds of black smoke signs of ruin
Oh, oh, oh, after you’ve gone

Repeat chorus

Verse 2 (Fingerstyle)
Gone will be the drips and your dirty messes
Slipping and sliding I’ll never forget
Trips to shop and all that you cost
Investments completely lost
Oh, oh, oh, after you’ve gone

Verse 3 (single strum)
Gone will be the sense of another shoe falling
Getting apprehensive everytime you’re calling
You claimed that I could never get by without you
One last thing to say Bessy we’re through
Oh, oh, oh, after you’ve gone
Oh, oh, oh, after you’ve gone
Oh, oh, oh, after you’ve gone

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Haha, very humorous song, type of what people write on a cake for a retirement of someone they didn't like. Very nice skirmish, It was so lovely to get back to a good mood after my mournful entry. Thank you Andy.

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Sounds like a not-so-fond farewell to an old car!

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We took the prompt in different directions! The verses you wrote are so vividly awesome and make me smile. Cool strum pattern and delivery!

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After the "drips and dirty messes" and the rest that you so vividly described, I'd be glad she's gone too. One of your signature interesting progressions. Good skirmish.

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Clever. I especially like that second verse! What a pain in the ass she must be Wink

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Cool sound to the 7th chords which gives this just a slight uneasy feeling that suits the title and lyric very well. A cool stepwise progression and I like the space you added to the vocal

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I like the odd key and chord progressions! It really makes this interesting to listen to! I love that "Oh, oh, oh, after you’ve gone" every time you sing it! Nice skirmishing!