After You've Gone

After You've Gone

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Liner Notes: 

A sad tale of woe told by a lonely loser.
Not autobiographical in any sense.
But a fun skirmish prompt.

Started on lyrics, got interrupted by a phone call. Then kids were fighting. Finally managed to get it recorded. Took about 30 minutes INCLUDING the interruptions.


after you've gone

I went and bought that stuff
you tell me not to get
because it's too darn fattening

I went and stayed up later
than you want me to
because it's too darn tempting

after you've gone
because I miss you
I do those stupid things
but I'd rather kiss you

you went and left again
I begged you not to leave
because it's too darn saddening

you went and won't come back
yeah, this time we're right done
because it's too darn over

after you've gone
because I miss you
I feel all broken up
but I'd rather kiss you

gone... but not forgotten
gone... and still stuck in my head
gone... but not forgotten
gone... I'll miss you till I'm dead

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The whistling! Love it. I relate to this song a lot. Nice skirmish

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Love the whistle solo. This is a good take. You shouldn't have a slight hesitation in posting as this is pretty good. Love your vocal melody. This is good, dude.

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Quirky serio-comic song. Unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable

Well done and +1 on the whistling. Funny how us happily married guys know how to write a darn good (but not autobiographical) breakup song.

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Cool strum pattern and melody deliver these well crafted insightful and relatable lyrics so well. The whistleing is a really nice light touch. Wonderful skirmish.

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Very enjoyable song Alex, loving your singing, playing, whistling, pauses, it all works brilliantly. So glad you've managed to record your beautiful song. Great work and brilliant take on skirmish! Very catchy song. I can imagine the audience singing along.

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Now this is a real gem! I love whistling and you did such a great job!

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I could hear this live in a little folk club. Good twist to the lyric. Fine whistling.

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Really nice chord progression fits this kinda sad tune like a glove! Nicely sung too; I can feel the pain albeit in a somewhat relaxed expression! Smile Kinda like a guy who is sad but a little laid back about it! I really love that chorus! Nice skirmishing!