Electrons Crawl, Valence Falls

Electrons Crawl, Valence Falls

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Liner Notes: 

I was talking to @ChipWithrow yesterday and joking about writing songs in 50 different tunings. I don't know that I will actually do that but at least it sparked this song start, an instrumental at least for now on the way to more songs. The guitar is an old Silvertone with high action tuning way down to open Bm7 BF#BDAB. Then I played major chord and 7th shapes on top of that. I'm not even sure what the chords are but I'm pretty sure its not in any key thus the chromatic tag.


remove chords
Open Bm7
D_ - 32ooo3; F#_ - xo222o; B_ - xxo232; D_ - 32ooo1; F#_ - xo2o2o; B_ - xxo212; E_ - 54ooo5; F#_ - 76ooo7; A_;

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You're right that it is more chromatic in feel than in any particular key. And yet it holds together quite nicely.

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Wow, so nice.
I like how the bass notes really stand out in your songs.
(Is that weird to say?)
A great little contemplative piece.
You certainly have a "signature sound"; I've never heard an acoustic guitar sound like that.