Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

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Liner Notes: 

Alternate title: "Puree & Pulverize"!

Tape #7 from this year's transatlantic four-track table collaborations!

Track 1: @pfoo on drums
Track 2: @standup on bass
Track 3: @nancyrost on vocals and sound FX
Track 4: @Vom Vorton on electric guitar


let's call the whole thing off
'cause we were lousy lovers
let's cut the world in half
so we never have to see each other

you can have the sunsets
I bagsy the sunrise
you go north and I'll go south
and we'll go polarized

let's empty out the kitchen
nostalgia don't smell sweet
the fridge is growing mold
these leftovers ain't fit to eat

you can have the blender
I'll take the Ginsu knives
chop and mince and Julienne
puree and pulverize

let's throw it all away
not the least bit wistfully
guess this is what they mean by
the dustbin of history

you can have your whistling
I'll take my lousy rhymes
I think that's everything
except for our goodbyes

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dsweidel's picture

LOVE "let's cut the world in half, so we never have to see each other" - what a great line!

metalfoot's picture

Moody, atmospheric rock music. Enjoyed the result of the globetrotting cassette!

neonpaul's picture

Nice and moody, some fun guitar licks and sound effect - all round good job

rwc's picture

Good track with some nice 60s hints in the melody and some good indie/rock guitar. The lyrics are strong throughout - I like "Nostalgia don't smell sweet", the use of "bagsy", the detail in the cooking terms.

mike skliar's picture

This is great!!! love that surf-rock feel, and those lyrics are so incisive and fun... great work by everyone! from that sinister bassline and drums to the surf guitar and great vocals/lyrics.... a total keeper!

..whats a 'bagsy'?

owl's picture

I like the shimmery surfy guitar, those are some cool little noodly trills between the big strums (these are very professional, musicianly terms).
Great pounding drums and moody bass.
Cool vocal melody, reminds me of some Ennio Morricone track. Lots of inventive lines in the lyrics, dividing everything from the world down to the contents of the kitchen.
Nice work!

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agreed: You can have the blender, I'll take the Ginsu knives.

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Yeah, this is a great collaboration! The music works really well as owl nicely describes and the lyrics are both razor sharp poignant and fun as you bring in the mundane of a break up with this alternative title verse:
you can have the blender
I'll take the Ginsu knives
chop and mince and Julienne
puree and pulverize

fresh spotless youth's picture

Great lyric. That's some delicious guitar--makes me feel warm inside. Nice groove there, rhythm section dudes. I'm gonna bagsy some waffles and coffee now Smile

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Wow - a real 50/90 band! Sounds cool and lo-fi, and I love the way the bass rumbles along underneath it all. I like the echoey guitar solo and the clever lyrics!

JamKar's picture

4 track artistry at it's best. This has a retro San Francisco feel that I really dig. So glad I came here. You guys should do more of these!

pearlmanhattan's picture

Great collaboration! It all gels so well and sounds like you're all in the same room! Great listen!

Susan Cantey's picture

Noticed all your titles are catchy! This one grabbed me. Great collab. Especially like the guitar riffs.

katpiercemusic's picture

Love that funky bass and the kitchen gadget solo. It's got a tight rhythm, and the guitar is really smooth. I also really like the kitchen-y metaphors. They're super fun. Nostalgia don't smell sweet. That's a thing of beauty.

wobbie wobbit's picture

hehe very practical - yet sharp metaphor (pun intended Wink ) nice 4 track collab. what a great project that challenge is. all the parts gel so well , nice job everyone

pfoo's picture

Coming back to listen to 50/90 songs. This one is pretty cool. The lyrics are great! I especially like the blenders around !:30