Solitude and Safety

Solitude and Safety

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Liner Notes: 

Alex: Peter posted this lyric (*31691) asking for a collaborator. I really liked it but knew I was disappearing for 3 weeks. Peter was kind enough to let me do it after I came back. So here it is. Sadly, it's one of the victims of my Windows Update meaning I lost a bunch of source files. So all you get is the 128k version of the song, for now. If I get time, I might try recording it again...


Scary thoughts often creep in my mind
They lie in wait, and strike my vulnerable side
The crux of this, is that I'm seemingly calm
Yet inside my peace is already gone

Time to run and hide
And fortify through the night
There could be monsters outside
So please leave on the lights

Just as soon as the clock lets me leave
I'm in my car and quickly turning the key
Driving cautiously to hopeful safety
A place where danger will just let me be

Now I make sure that I lock all my doors
And as I move, I check for cracks in the boards
When I'm home, there's no need to perform
Until a threat disturbs the peace I'm here for

The news cycle drills
The phone buzzing chills
The pain body ills
The cold window sills

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POWERFUL lyrics and your melody and vocals are perfection for this song. Excellent collab from 2 of my favs!

Well done. Of the ones I've listened to, (stuff of you work), your new sound direction, way of playing/approaching is progressing in a wonderful direction of tonal prosody.

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Absolutely love the vocals for the verses. The choruses have a lot more musical energy, but the verses carry this track for me. And the lyrics themselves are wonderful. Really enjoyed this listen, so thanks to both of you! Smile

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The recording sounds fine, 128k for life! I think of kids, for whom there might monsters under the bed. As adults there are different monsters, but they still lurk.

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Dude you did a fantastic job with this. The chorus has a great hook and love the melody choices throughout. The outro I had written as throwaway lyrics but now I'm glad you used them, perfect ending and hits home with the lyrics content. Thanks for making this! Smile

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I love the melody and lyric so much on this song. That simple acoustic guitar bit you use so well, so great for the outro, is very good. This is a good collaboration all around. Good lyric, good melody and it works wonderfully as a guitar and vox arrangement but I can easily hear it being rocked out or having a full arrangement.