Autumn Nostalgia, Updated Demo on 21/08

Autumn Nostalgia, Updated Demo on 21/08

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you so much Cindy for your beautiful and very moving lyrics. Thank you Alex for your beautiful singing.


'Autumn Nostalgia'
©2018 Nadia Cripps (music) and Cindy Prince (lyrics)
Vocals by Alex Klages, keyboard by Nadia Cripps.

Autumn has come again
The sky is a brilliant blue
Leaves are changing colorfully
I think of me and you

We loved the whole summer long
And way up into the fall
Our time together was magical
So I wasn't prepared at all

Then one night you had to go
But didn't tell me the reason
Now I long for our great love
Every summer and autumn season

The leaves are falling along with my tears
I will miss you year after year

It seems that life is often unfair
For one reason or another
Where did you go, why is this so?
Because I continue to suffer

Autumn has come again
The sky is a brilliant blue
Leaves are changing colorfully
I think of me and you

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Lovely job from Cindy in writing lyrics that fit and express the music so perfectly. I would d offer to sing it, but dont have the equipment to do so, and besides the melody demands and deserves a singer on the order of Anna Netrebko, not a croaker like me.

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Nadia's music was so wonderful I wanted to try something. It took a few tries, but now I hope we can find a singer.

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Really nice combo. My voice, I think, is wrong for the song or I would gladly volunteer to sing it! This seems to need a female voice.

EDIT: And yet in spite of my vocal misgivings, it worked! Thanks Cindy and Nadia for the chance to sing for you.

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Good 3 way collab
They're not that easy
Congrats all around

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Wow this is very very cool. Love this collab. Great vox again and yes fab lyrics and music. Super cool!

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A wonderful 3 lane highway into Autumn. How I wish it was here. But now, thanks to your great collab, I have this charming song that puts me right into the mood!