Exquisite Corpse 2

Exquisite Corpse 2

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Liner Notes: 

Here it is, our trip over continents and borders...

0:00 @Rob From Amersfoort
1:19 @Jibbidy34
2:17 @metalfoot
2:58 @sph
4:38 @kahlo2013
5:52 @lowhum

Note: due to the restriction of FAWM File Hosting of max 10MB I had to render the song with lower quality. If anyone wants a better quality version please contact me.


0:00 [@Rob From Amersfoort]

1:19 [jibbidy34]

2:17 [@metalfoot]
Found it in your heart today
found it in your heart today
found it in your heart today
in your heart
in your heart
I found new love

2:58 [@sph]
What have I been looking for?
Orange, red or black?
Basement or the second floor?
Distraction work ahead

Myriads of things to choose from
I sense better ones around the bend
Didn't I just see the right one?
How does it compare to the latest trend?

Tell me, it doesn't have to be this way
This time, decisions will be made today

What have I been looking for?
It drives me to the brink
My mind is playing tricks on me
Do I swim, what do you think?

Where might I have spend these hours?
There's one more row, we're moving on
Are we gonna laugh about it?

4:38 [@kahlo2013]

how do we know
what decisions to let go
and what decisions to see through...

when lusting
hearts deicide
when angry
hearts collide
we make crazy mistakes
oh yeah, crazy mistakes......

when trusting
hearts confide
and loving
hearts subside
we have lasting heartache
yeah, lasting heartache ....

how do we know
what decisions to let go Am
and what decisions to see through...

5:52 [@lowhum]

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Hey! That was fun and, wow, what a journey that beautiful ballad that Rob started us off with took! I like the energy that Georgie brought followed by the perspective Alex added and then the lovely melody and chord progression in Stephen's bit. It was hard to follow Stephen's beautiful words and sound. And I knew lowhum would do something really cool. Loved the stitching you did, Stephen! I love all the parts independently and how they come together. Fantastic piece! Thanks for letting me be part of this magic!

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this is the first time i have heard an exquisite corpse song. i usually avoid such things, but this one is a collaboration between some of my favorite artiists, and it dd not disappoint. i was a little confused at first because of the lack of printed lyrics for the first parts, but i stopped looking for them and simply listened. i enjoyed everyones contribution so will not comment on anything specific, its all good.. ill have to give it a few more listens before it congeals in my head.

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What a ride! Fits together rather well, too! Love how we go from full production to sparse acoustic and then back! Thanks everyone for playing and sph for being Mr Stitcher Guy this time around!

Trip over continents and borders indeed: I think all 6 of us reside in different countries? (Holland, England, Canada, Germany, USA, Bulgaria). Doesn't get much more international than that!

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Thanks guys! It sounds like everybody had fun.

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This just had to be awesome with all who were involved and gosh is it ever! Bravo to all!

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Oh wow what a ride guys! I like how the parts all relate in some way and how it comes in and goes out with a BANG! Thanks to all involved Smile

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This is the first corpse I've listened to this year. And what a beauty it is! Love the way the melody line flows and builds from one contributor to the next. Some interesting modulations, too (I love what Alex does with the guitar chords!) This really feels like you all sat down in a room together and figured it out rather than sending tiny snatches of files winging their way around the world. Marvellous stuff - and a fine stitching job from @sph !