Do it in Wolfville

Do it in Wolfville

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Liner Notes: 

So this is the first music I've uploaded here (or written) in a few weeks. The last week and a half we've been on vacation in Nova Scotia, Canada. While there, in a town on the Bay of Fundy called Wolfville, I came across a piano sitting out in a park, as a kind of art exhibit, with the hashtag phrase 'do it in wolfville' written on it.

I'm not really a piano player at all, but i did this little improv thing with the few piano chords I know, and it's nothing all that much, but was fun to do...

the link to the photo of the piano in question is

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Happy to hear you are on the mend, Mike. I enjoyed this bit of Nova Scotia air. Just the kind of thing I too might pound out if I found a piano by the sea.

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Fun story, and I like this piece, it actually sounds like you know what you're doing. I like the sound of creaky old pianos. This one has a lot of personality, but it's in tune for an outdoor art installation. They must keep on top of that.

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Fun tune! The piano sounds bright and happy ... I like those Beatle-esque descending chords and the playful flourishes.