It Just Ain't Enough

It Just Ain't Enough

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Liner Notes: 

I dusted off a loop that I made back in 2016 and added some vox.
Did a little silly soloing just...because!
This always had a melancholy feel to me and I just came up with some quick lyrics to fit.
I feel like whatever I try to do just isn't cutting it as far as getting "ahead"...but...oh well that's tough, just keep pushing through!
This is my halfway point! Yay!
I really don't know if I'll make it to 50 songs, but 25 ain't bad for me.
P.S. That's "PUSHING"...not "MUSHING"...oy, this synth vox and me are having it out lol


It just ain't enough.
It don't matter what I do.
Yeah, oh well, that's tough -
Gotta keep on pushing through...

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Catchy enough little loop. Doesn't feel that melancholy to me but there you go!

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Bouncy little number, this. Enjoyed your soloing, too.

That vocaloid reminds me of the Buggles. Hey, if that kind of singing was good enough for Trevor Horn...