An Unlikely Pair

An Unlikely Pair

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Liner Notes: 

Some lyrics to start. Very late to the skirmish party from last weekend!
Music will follow at some point. Looking for just the right sound, as it plays in my head


They met somewhere
Could've been anywhere
Now they're doin' something
On the road to nowhere in particular

She, in flowy dresses and flowers in her hair
He, keepin' it cool, behind the sunglasses he wears
An unlikely pair

She, relentlessly creative with her heart on her sleeve
He, looking at her, she's his reason to believe
An unlikely pair

She, walking barefoot in the sand
She, reaches out and takes his hand
He, grinning like a schoolboy
He, drives her crazy but oh, he's such a joy

To be fair,
They're an unlikely pair

She, took him by surprise, bats her big brown eyes
He, makes her laugh, sometimes he makes her cry
An unlikely pair

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Such a great hook and wonderful contrasts in the the character development. You really did a great job creating this unlikely pair with very few lines. Flows well.