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Liner Notes: 

Kids, I think, go through parts of their lives when they are kind of cruel and amoral. They have not learned to accommodate other people or filter how their wants and needs are presented. I personally think --most-- people mature and don't stay cruel.

But here's a little story about someone who maybe didn't grow out of narcissism and cruelty. A made-up story, not someone I know.

I haven't posted anything in a week, so this is just guitar and voice.


From a young age she was sharp
everyone could see the spark
she never did things halfway
expected us to obey

Little Crimea was a nowhere town
pretty girls don't stick around
time moves much too slow
she had places she had to go

She don't need an alibi
all the boys will testify
all the boys seek her favor
beauty is the motivator
you don't need an alibi
when all your excuses fly

Pretty women have a hard time
the boys all making pretty valentines
she only made one for herself
there's no room for anyone else

She never had to work that hard
men all held her in high regard
even when hearts get broke
kind words are always spoke

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this is a cool song. very different treatment of a theme that is rarely addressed. your singing is very good and the storytelling compelling. one thing i thought, though, is that the narrative structure of the tale might be improved by reversing the order of the frst and second verse. but that is just not my sense of structure, so dont take it as a criticism. i really like the song.

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I liked it. You've sketched a vivid picture of the girl as a character without actually getting bogged down in details (like, what exactly would she need an alibi for?). That's tough to do! So now I feel I know this girl a bit, but without the specifics, it lets the listener fill in the blanks. Nice one! Smile

you are on the money. unfortunately it feels like its becoming more of an epidemic on social interactions. well delivered on an interesting topic

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I particularly like the guitar - excellent choice of chord progression and the strumming pattern is perfect for this song. You paint a very clear picture with your strong lyrics, simple but direct and descriptive in few words

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Ain;t it the truth--Some have it so easy,some have it so hard and its all on the surface with litttle regard for the inside things

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Yeah, as a former substitute teacher I can attest that a lot of youngsters are "cruel and amoral".
Not sure I can agree with you that most people grow out of it, though.
Lovely guitar work here for sure.
I like how you address the issue without telling a direct story.
I really enjoyed my listen!

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The story is like a Picasso line drawing. A quick an concise sketch that supplies enough for the imagination to complete the portrait. Despite your characterization in the liner notes, the lyrics seem non-judgmental. The last verse suggests the victims are, dare I say, complicit in her cruelty.

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Nice song. I thought the acoustic guitar track was very well done and your vocals go well with the music. Nice job on the lyrics too.

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Your lyrics build enough of a picture that the listener is invited to project someone they've known onto the character. I enjoyed the guitar on this and particularly like the chord change between 2nd and 3rd lines of each verse.