Mirror Girl

Mirror Girl

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Liner Notes: 

I feel like this is only the first half of a song about the Mirror of Erised wanting to be Harry Potter's girlfriend. I think part two should be in a different style but I'm not sure what?

This was written with the help of botnik.org, a predictive text bot that has different "voices" based on feeding in different kinds of text. This one was fed on Bruno Mars lyrics.

So I will rework this at some point, but probably not before the end of 50/90.


Harry Potter, you yeah you.

I wish I didn't know that you were only a friend
I don't know better;
But when we're every day together,
New world way better is opening up

Keep on saying I'm rocking your mind
Oh yeah but what if
Before you know it
Before you there's me
And I can be your boo
You know what I can do
I can rock your body too

You get one take
I'll tell you what you got to know
Make no sense
That's out there too

But Harry Potter I like you.


I wanna love you like your mom
I know it sounds broken
Mirror girl that's me
Look a little closer Harry

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Great use of predictive text and a disturbing but enchanting (if I may use that word!) take on the premise of the song!

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Great. Now every time I read that part I'm going to think it's some weird unhealthy co-dependent relationship. I'm not familiar with predictive text, but I think I have the general idea. What a creative tool to use! Ack! I also just realized that he was 10 when he was obsessed with that mirror! Okay, I like the lyrics, but I'm going to have to retcon some things in my head to cope.

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That chorus is different for sure - a bit creepy. Of course, the bot doesn't know how we will react to the words, which is cool - these surprising ideas and combinations jump out. Maybe part two is from Harry's point of view? Or from the mirror's point of view after being rejected by Harry?