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Another instrumental. I've been laid low by an upset stomach for a few days - you'll be delighted to learn that I resisted the temptation to use a contact mic and record the gurgles...

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Whoa! This is a happening tune! I would love to dance to something this good!

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I dunno, I woulda gone with the gurgles...
Great fusiony dance tune!
Really nice headphone mix.
There are a lot of sounds going on here; lots to listen to!
Your track is getting me going this morning!

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I love the flow of the mid tone melody that weaves through the piece with the great driving beat. Nice fusion of sound that is wonderfully interesting to listen to and would be even more fun to crank up and dance to!

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yep - literally the first measure had me.
the groove...tight and sloppy a the same time; the dirt you put on the drums paired with whatever arpy stuff going on at the same time.
makes me wish I could play the guitar.
Question - are you manually programming these drums?

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Nice forward thrust here, on the move vibe, with the big drums, energetic bass and lively synths. Melodic guitar is not too up front, but it's still an important part of the whole. This would make a great soundtrack for some TV show about cool sports cars, Top Gear or something like that.

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This does have the makings of a good underscore--moving, danceable, lots of interest, but also able to support rather than dominate a scene or dialogue.

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very energising... another goodun, so impressed with your 5090ing this year!