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Liner Notes: 

alright I'm tired and calling it a night...churned out two 80s synthwavy songs tonight; just the mood i'm in.

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Wavysynth. Makes me want to fire up Absynth and pull some of the older presets out! Great build to );50 and then the beats coming in. I like this one, good funky disco/synth. And there's that vox again. I gotta get that patch!

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Another moody feast of sounds....superdeedooper smorgasbord! Love the girly vocals...

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Definitely nailed the 80s sound with this - all the way from that classic Simmons drum "doof" to the sample-and-hold pads and the spacey vocals. Lovely bit of nostalgic fun.

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Holy crap, I love this song! Very much feeling the synthwave. It's a glorious thing. Smile I could absolutely see myself dancing to this song - perhaps towards the end of the evening, the start of the morning. A song that plays to the diehards who have stuck around, maybe? Anyway, I really enjoyed this. Keep 'em coming! Biggrin

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Cool bass and drum once it gets cranked up. The floaty weird vocal is interesting. Electronic drums, electronic handclaps! Hell yes, take me back. Cool stuff coming and going out of this mix.

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yeah, from the intro I was thinking... this ain't really all that 80's ish, just a bit.. then the vocal riffs started and I'm digging it in a way I didn't really dig this style of music in the 80's. So I'm guessing it's influenced quite a bit... but, tbh, it's better than the 80's stuff I remember. Not that I was a huge fan. Lots of hair metal in my life Blush