These Hearts

These Hearts

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Liner Notes: 

times when I wish I had a synthvox doesn't come out quite clear enough here
could really do with some tom rolls/fills here and there, but...later.


my heart
my heart in love
your heart
your heart in love
our hearts
our hearts in love
these hearts
these hearts in love

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You're not alone. I lack singers too. This has solid insistence in that backing riff, The wah-bass was a good touch. Hey the synthvox really really fits this, magic! Whose synthvox are you using? I'll steal it!. The vox is clear to me! (listening on flat response mixing headphone. If I push the bass right up then yes, it does drop into the mix but then so does a lot more!!!) Are you sure you're not being over picky? Spread the isntruments/voices out a bit more in stereo space perhaps? EDIT: what no download??

Killer intro, it has such a sweeping tone. I really like the little riff and the synthvox is a nice touch. Enjoyable listen!

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Nice intro - really sucks you into the track. I'm not sure the vocal would be better as a clean vocal rather than the synthvox - it seems to suit the track - maybe a little Daft Punk-y.