Drink the Water of My Tears

Drink the Water of My Tears

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Liner Notes: 

I really have/had no plans to write until I get the present set and organised as prior liner note commented.

However, this came out in a moment this morning as I was working, so pulled up notepad to get it out of my head Crazy -- took a minute to write/jot down. It may never be a song, but has a "something" imo so put it here.

All the end rhymes seem a bit annoying in the reading head-space, but, if/when musicated, may not be, or some other phenomenal word will insert itself and make it a sure top-40 hit! Crazy

We shall see. Music 2


I'm glad for all my crying, it's kept me well alive
I've been living on the water,
Of my tears now, to survive

So Christ He said to me, I gave, that living water
What's in you, it came from me
It's my tears for you, you're drunk upon, as much as you can Sea

As I curled up to His lap, all 6 foot three of me
His capacity to hold me, had no limit that I could see
I slept for just a moment, and back to dirt he did put me

I'm still not clear my direction, but now know, this Resurrection
For as long as I am dirt bound here, -- no de-construction, fears
If even in confusion, I now proceed in life-song cheer

Drink, the water of your tears, and not be drunk on all your fears
There's something to this dirt we tread, and to know it puts you dead
When we finally have all our answers, we then take our forever beds

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Interested to see/hear how this comes out musically but I can tell you I really do appreciate the lyrics a lot!

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this is a good lyric, i especiially like where it takes you in the last verse.

sounds too good to sleep alone! it will tell you if and when it want to see the light
I've been living on the water, of my tears now, to survive is very descriptive