The Wind Said

The Wind Said

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Liner Notes: 

Song number 17. The lyrics for this have been hanging around a few days, I made a quite small change this morning, and they started to work.


Wind was playing with the leaves
hanging in the trees, shook them
and they danced, so sweet
and the wind said, are you real

I was feeling all the pressure
rising, falling, and rejoicing
and I feared I had forgotten
and I said, what do you feel?

And you said I'd been so perfect
when I was in your imagination
but you had seen the earth crack
beneath the fires you'd lit
oh, and the wind said are you real
yeah the wind said are you real

As the night invited silence
I thought I wouldn't break your dreams
but I saw you lying in the morning
with their shattered fragments all around

repeat chorus

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billwhite51's picture

pne of your finest lyrics. that first frst, which establishes the metaphor, is brilliant. the line And you said I'd been so perfect
when I was in your imagination brought to mind the russian film, solaris, i which a dead woman is ressurrected from the fragments of her husbands memories, but she keeps suiciding because she cannot relate to this person as being herself, as she now exists only as the creature her husband imagined her to be.

Tim Fatchen's picture

I hear echoes of Leonard Cohen from the 60s in this. That's a compliment BTW, (just in case :D) It's the ethereal quality of the gentle tune and the melancholy underlying the lyrics.

cindyrella's picture

Oh how brilliant and beautiful! The lyrics flow so well and the gentle music and vocals-wow!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Definitely agree with the Leonard Cohen comment. Another sadly beautiful song with poetic lyrics, particularly the shattered fragments of dreams and the "rising, falling and rejoicing." Thoughtful and delicate.

lowhum's picture

I would go for a radiohead here or it's just my imagination. It's a great wavy tune - it transports to a place of sudden lost and gained beauty at the same time.

metalfoot's picture

Lovely gentleness to the tune. Powerful lyrics. Really enjoyed this.

3tdoan's picture

Such an intimate lyric and vocal. To me it captures a cozy but melancholy autumnal feel.