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Liner Notes: 

A cautionary tale of woe and despair.

I was in the process of writing a song, a song I thought was pretty good. I had the first couple verses and the chorus sketched out, a nice brit-pop bounce to the melody and style. It was going to be a full production number.

And I hadn't yet saved either the lyric file or the sketch recording of it.

And then Windows 10, bless its lovely heart, decided to do a Windows Update without warning.

And Audacity, bless its beautiful heart, decided not to create backup files automagically this time.

And the text editor did not have a temp scrap anywhere.

So that song is truly gone. Maybe I'll have a fevered dream in which some of it will come back to me, but I'm guessing probably not.

Chalk it up to experience and write a song about it. Because that's what I do.


where did it go?
I just don't know
The melody and rhythm disappeared

where did it go?
I'll never know
How could a song leave me? It's so weird

but it's gone with the wind
floated away on the ether
it's gone with the wind

will it come back?
I've just lost track
The melody and rhythm disappeared

will it come back?
Such a sad fact
That without writing it down, off it veered

now it's gone with the wind
floated away on the ether
it's gone with the wind

if the idea strikes again
it would be all right
but it's not worth losing sleep
there are more songs to write...

yeah, it's gone with the wind
floated away on the ether
it's gone with the wind...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Wow, sorry to hear that. It's why I shifted to Linux, "Mint"... I just couldn't take it anymore and :l: am a system level, r&d, product realisation, network engineer who's worked in the basement of bell-labs Crazy ... one of many career phases.

I find it amazing, if you put your data, in a designated subdirectory YOU created for files, that they got munged. So, if you have not created a subdirectory YOU created, NOT the default by the software, do so.

The song:
Your sound is evolving, and is going in a great direction, -- good for you! Good work and "hilarious" song, sans the sad fact of course, no fun in that pain. Music 2

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Especially with Audacity!!
But you know that now...
Glad you could make a song about it, though.
Good vocal delivery (I think I can hear a bit of anger there).
Wonderful chord progression.
Those pauses are really effective, too.
I hope you had a great vacation!

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At least you remain polite about it! Some of us would launch into a raging rant consigning a number of our hi-tech mandarins and gurus to places unspeakable. And that's a catchy chorus! Applause!

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think of all we have collectively lost by entrusting to a computer. it is very possible that everything we have saved to them could be lost in one massive failing. your song stimulates so many possible scenarios. and to think it all started with a lost song.

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Not sure I could have been as nice, and I hope it comes back. Great write telling your tale of woe!

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This is a rather lovely, wistful song, so the lost song gave you something, as it left.

I always write mine on paper, so I can't quite handle this, you must remember some of it, surely? But this song wouldn't be anything like as powerful, if it was about something only half gone, so I'll believe you that it is completely gone.