A Lost Chord

A Lost Chord

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Liner Notes: 

A poem by Adelaide Anne Procter "A Lost Chord", 1858, Public Domain.
-- At least one time set to music, first done - "The Lost Chord", Arthur Sullivan 1877 Public Domain Music/arrangement

-- "A Lost Chord", copyright 2018 ustaknow (alias) arrangement, rewrite, all rights reserved. * This * is pretty heavily rewritten to be clear, — it sounds allot like me because it is Wink hahhh; per comments so far.
— I’ll try to post a link to the original. The old music one is pretty rewritten too, but not as much as I did here so far. Mine is from the poem only. But the old song is very nice too, from a brother to a brother on his deathbed, but not sad.

I find it very interesting recently, no matter how "old", long ago, male/female, ethnicity, -- nothing really changes, or becomes very "different".

So, when/if I get to musicate this, it may/may not change. (The very old "recordings" are very much of that period, Brass/Operatic, stylized chest voice and etc., and "singing" spoken word sentences.) It was a "hit" circa 1870's Smile "popular music", hymnals in it's original form. I found the history very interesting.
-- For me, all those remaining end-rhymes and 8-metered-syllable lines will have to get broken up (?) Smile

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Been busy with/I had to, --- the last day or so make sure I went back and actually wrote down, (all done here), other than "here" (as written) what I Tracked on bandcamp... -- some stuff was still not correctly "lead sheet" recorded so I can (in a month from now), do it more than the one time in that track Crazy hahhh (not done yet and can not get to far ahead with to much new stuff until I do that... and etc.)
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Original sources:
-- 2nd bold heading down under; bolded [Legends and Lyrics: Second Series (1861)]
-- It was apparantly (?) a list of verses then titled "a lost chord" (I presume due to the pickup line).

-- the musicated re-write, arrangement


A Lost Chord

Seated all day at the alter
I grew weary and ill at ease
My fingers they wandered wildly
Over its noisy strings

I knew not what I was playing
Or what I was dreaming then
But I struck one chord of music
Like the sound of chorused wind

It quieted all pain and sorrow
Like love overcoming strife
It seemed a harmonious echo
Toward a dis-connected life

It left as it came so secretly
I have sought, and seek it vainly
That one lost chorused divinity
Which came from the soul of me plainly

It may be that lifes forge anvil
Will speak to me that chord again
It may be that only in Heaven
Shall I hear, that-great-again

Maybe my lost chord of life again
Is not so lost after all
Maybe it was all my future songs
Reaching out to me from echoed halls

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What a treasure to find! It's timeless, just like you said. Beautiful!

Ive been mussing with public domain poetry and songs for a while and have a few in the tube! Its niticeable how the ussues and feelings are so similar. One of have just updated into more common english. You also find some pretty words. Interestingly it sounds like you! Not so much in style but in content. Be interested to see where this ends. I like the idea if following a thread so music about making music. Im trying same - i have a song about writing a song and i might try and continue that line. Either way this a nice lyric

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all i can do is look forward to what you do with this poem.

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i like it! especially the final echo of future songs echoing back in time to help you in the present. nice to see you forging ahead with the public domain thing-- it has been where so many folk troubadours started in getting their voice fully developed. i wish that for you. keep having fun!