Chakra Dude

Chakra Dude

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Liner Notes: 

According to yoga tradition, philosophy, and subtle anatomy, we have 7 chakras, or energy centers, along the spinal axis. (If you think that sounds like New Age hooey, well, I did too until I made some anatomical/physiological and psychological connections.)

I love the organ sound on my keyboard - it's called jazz organ, but it also sounds like a baseball game or a church.


Hey hey hey Chakra Dude
Help me adjust my attitude
Hey hey hey Chakra Dude

Seven spirals of energy
Up and down the spine
You’ve balanced yours now show me
How to balance mine

Hey hey hey Chakra Dude
My inner tranquility sure needs renewed
Hey hey hey Chakra Dude

Seven circles spinning
Round and round and round
Gotta dig down to the root
Before I can reach for the crown

Hey hey hey Chakra Dude
How do I get my good soul food?
Hey hey hey Chakra Dude

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I loved that organ sound! Almost Hammond but deffo more Vegas church wedding haha... I had learned about the chakras once upon a time. I need to pick up yoga again...

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Yeah, when that organ started I thought I was in for a sermon.
I like it, though; it really works for this track.
I like the subtle humour in this tune (there *is* humour, right?).
I gotta admit, it does sound like New Age hooey to me, but I don't know much about it at all, so I really don't have an informed opinion.
"There are stranger things..." and all that, as Hamlet said.
Anyway, this was a great morning song; went well with my coffee!

Cool. Reminds me of a sketch I saw somewhere. The only way this song could be a skosh better is if the phrase 'New Age hooey' were incorporated somehow, or maybe that is another song.....

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You *have* to get yourself a minivan with "Chakra Dude" as the logo on the side. It's the latest, hottest business to be in.

Love this. The cheesy organ is perfect.